Standing For You

To stand or to kneel, a question that seems to be dividing our country.  Turn on your TV, open your Facebook News  Feed, or listen to the radio for just few moments and you will be barraged with commentary, opinion, hatred, fear and debate.  Each side vehemently believes in their perspective.  Some of the debate is civil and helpful, while most seems to be ugly, mean, and destructive.

Today I want to simply say that Brenda and I are standing up for the many moms and dads who have children with special needs or those struggling with a potential life threatening illness.  Just as fans will rise to their feet to celebrate a home run at a baseball game or a standing ovation is given to actors at the end of a spectacular performance, we stand to show our appreciation and support of you!

We stand because….

  • You are ordinary people loving your children in extraordinary ways
  • You are often misunderstood and therefore judged unfairly
  • Your children are beautiful, unique, and loved by God
  • We want you to know and believe you are not alone
  • You are not a perfect parent and that is OK
  • We know you are tired of fighting for your children and we don’t want you to give up
  • You need to believe you have been given the divine assignment of loving and caring for your children
  • Today you need to be encouraged and not pitied

Brenda and I stand up for you today to applaud you, love you, and celebrate you.