Searching For Self Care

Brenda and I went to a wedding in Columbia, South America this past weekend.   It was an amazing adventure, filled with family, new foods and traditions, and fun.  Flying there and riding buses to get from one activity to the next created hours of time to fill.  We pulled out our iPhones and played Euchre, Solitaire, and Sudoku.  As I was losing my game to my new make-believe friends on my phone, it struck me that playing games, sometimes even simple games, is a great way to practice self-care. For but a moment, you can disconnect from the stress and troubles of the day.   Some games allow you to play with someone else, creating competition and laughter.  I found playing a game on my phone alleviated the stress of travel.  What games do you play?

Here is a Word Search game with just a few ideas and words that might prompt something you could do today to pamper yourself.  If you want to download and print the Word Search out, click the link, SELF CARE WORD SEARCH.  Have Fun!