Respite Program FAQ

David’s Refuge offers 3 separate respite weekends. One is for Caregiving Couples, where only couples may attend. Both partners must attend. Second is for Single Parents, where only a single parent may attend, guests of any kind are not permitted. Third is our Reimbursement Respite Weekend only for caregivers, so children are not permitted.

A caregiving couple is a couple (married or not) that reside in the same home and both significantly care for the child with special needs or life threatening illness.

David’s Refuge strives to provide one respite weekend for every family with an approved application, each year. Please note* a new application completed each year is required.

Check in times vary by location, but generally check in is as early as 3pm. Please note* Guests are encouraged to check in as early as allowed to get the most out of your respite weekend, however, we expect guests to determine the best time for them to check in. Exact Check in and check out times will be in your email from our Director of Respite within two weeks of your scheduled reservation.

A respite weekend host is a family we serve, who has been apart of the David’s Refuge community, participated in multiple programs, has proven to have the qualities needed (determined by Director of Respite), has been formally trained, adheres to David’s Refuge mission, values and vision AND has chosen to serve other families in this community.

David’s Refuge Respite program is created with intentions to provide an opportunity for couples and single parents to take a breath and pour into themselves. Your Respite Weekend Host will invite you to get together for various opportunities, like sitting around a fire together, playing a deck of cards in a community area, etc. You are strongly encouraged to join the group for breakfast (an opportunity to meet other families who have similar challenges and experiences), however, a healthy majority of your respite weekend is yours to get what you need out of it.

Yes! Our Respite program calendar is completely built for the entire year ahead of time. When you receive the link to the calendar you will be able to filter by your favorite location, or flip over right to your favorite month to see what locations are available in that month. You will also see more information about each location to help you choose one that may be best for you and your needs. For example, if you have pet allergies, you will see notes on the locations that do have pets on premises or allow pets.

No. The Reimbursement Respite option is an alternative to our Tried and True Respite (booking calendar). Reimbursement Respite has eligibility criteria that must be met, to show a guest has extenuating circumstances that does not allow them to participate in our Tried and True Respite Weekends. If our booking calendar is full, guests will be placed on our waitlist and be the first to be notified of any openings in our respite calendar (typically due to a cancellation).

No, children are not permitted on any respite weekend, including adult children. Our Respite Weekends are created as an opportunity for caregivers exclusively. Please look into other programs David’s Refuge offers for opportunities that do allow children to attend.

The families we serve have children with a large variety of diagnosis and needs. The responsibility to find trusting, capable care for children is solely on the caregiver. David’s Refuge does not take any responsibility for finding care for children, however, we can help with the cost of care. A limited funding opportunity is available to help, up to $200 that is sent directly to the provider caring for your child.

No, both partners must attend respite weekends created for caregiving couples. Please call our office at 315-682-4204 or reach out through our Contact Page.

No, respite weekends created for Single Parents are not permitted to bring guests. Single parents on their respite weekends are encouraged to meet any guests offsite.

Yes, David’s Refuge has limited funding available to help with the cost of childcare. This funding can be used when all other means of funding have been exhausted. Families going on respite weekends can be eligible for funding up to $200, which is sent directly to the provider. For more information please use our Contact Page.

Those locations that have accessibility options or are ADA compliant, have pets on site or allow pets, or have menus that can be altered to meet dietary restrictions are noted on our Locations Page.

Smoking is not allowed inside of any partner location. Please ask staff upon check in for smoking designated areas. Please note that all Bed and Breakfasts adhere to general etiquette, asking patrons to be mindful of strong smells in the intimate space, staining linens with hair dye or makeup etc.

Unfortunately, David’s Refuge does not have an agreement with a location for your self-made reservation. David’s Refuge does not act as a third party entity, and can not intervene when an issue arises. When booking a reservation for yourself, ensure you are booking through a reputable website or the hotel/B&B itself.