Caregivers Amnesia

Have you ever heard of “Caregivers Amnesia”? It’s a cycle that can occur when we focus so much on our child’s needs that we forget about our own well-being. It’s possible that you’ve seen this happen to others or even experienced it yourself. In this state of amnesia, it’s easy to overlook the importance of self-care and other important aspects of life. Constantly attending to the child’s needs becomes the norm, often at the expense of our own self-care and personal time. This can lead to burnout, increased stress, and a decline in physical and mental health over time.

Unfortunately, when we’re in this cycle of amnesia, we can lose hope, joy, and sometimes even our sense of community. It’s a cycle that can be perpetuated by feelings of guilt. As caregivers, we often feel guilty when we try to focus on ourselves. We may mistakenly think that taking a break or seeking support means we’re neglecting our child’s needs. This vicious cycle can lead to emotional exhaustion and feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt.

If you suspect that you’re experiencing Caregivers Amnesia, there are three important truths you can remind yourself to break the cycle.

First, You are not alone. When we’re in a fog of amnesia, it’s easy to feel isolated and alone in our journey of caring for our children. But there is a community of people who care about you, and a God who cares for you as well. Reach out to others who are going through similar experiences. Join a support group like David’s Refuge’s Facebook group or sign up for a weekend getaway. Take a moment to pray to God and let Him know how you’re feeling. He hears you and loves you.

Second, What you do matters. Amnesia can make us forget some important truths: You are an amazing parent, not perfect, but amazing. Nothing is more important than caring for and loving your child. It’s your God-given assignment, and no one can do it as well as you can. You are the perfect parent for your child. And if you forget all of that, always remember this: YOU ARE AN AMAZING PARENT!

Finally, You are loved by God and your community. Feeling loved and supported is a basic human need, but amnesia can make us forget that we are loved and valued by God and others. Remember that you are a masterpiece made by God and that organizations like David’s Refuge exist to remind you that you are loved. Say this out loud: “I am loved by God and my community!”

Do you want to be healed of “Caregiver Amnesia?  Then never forget that you are not alone, what you do matters, and God and your community love you!