Is it OK to brag? Just a little?

OK, I can’t help myself!  I have to brag, so please forgive me.  Two days ago, an amazing organization, Exceptional Family Resources, honored David’s Refuge.  Kate Houck, our Executive Director, received an award celebrating our mission to support caregivers.  As Kate said in her talk, never in a million years did Brenda and I ever dream of where David’s Refuge would be today.  Hundreds, if not thousands, have been empowered, resourced, encouraged, connected, and reminded they are not alone and loved.  So now, maybe you can understand why I have to brag, just a little! 🙂

I want you to hear what Kate shared when she received our award.

Did you catch the two challenges she gave at the end of her talk?

  1. What are you doing to care for yourself?  One of my good friends once told me, “It is not selfish to care for yourself!”  They said it is one of the most unselfish things you can do.  When you care for yourself, you are better prepared to care for someone else.  It’s the air mask on the airplane analogy.  I remember years ago flying somewhere, sharing with the stewardess how we had just started David’s Refuge.  I told her how we used the air mask as an analogy to the importance of self-care.  A few minutes later, she came up to me with tears in her eyes and handed me a bag, saying just put this in your carry-on and open it when you get home.  It was a yellow air mask that we used often as we shared our mission and love for the parents we served.  So let me ask you again: What are you doing to care for yourself?
  2. Who can you remind today that they are not alone, what they do matters, and that there is God and a community that loves you?  It is as simple as picking up your cell phone, finding someone who is a caregiver or struggling, and texting them, “I was just thinking of you and wanted to remind you that you are not alone.”  Yes, it’s OK to copy and paste!  The 30 seconds it will take you to do this will empower someone to stamp out the horrible and devastating power of isolation.  Who are you going to text?  Right now!!!

Kate, Sarah, Rory, Kim, Liz, Lorraine, and Ann, thank you for taking our dream and making it something even better than we ever imagined.  David applauds you!  We applaud you!  God applauds you.  I’m not going to stop boasting.