Rory Lawrence: A Compeling Force


Nine years ago, on January 29th, we hired our first employee for David’s Refuge.  With little fanfare, Rory Lawrence signed a few papers and became the first paid employee of our newly formed nonprofit.  Little did we know the impact and influence she would have on our mission and the direction and growth of the organization.  We knew her experience as the mom of a son with a special need had prepared her uniquely and beautifully to help us serve the moms and dads who came to us for respite.  Her passion for loving and serving our parents, her joy for life and her family, and her dedication to our mission breathed life into our lives as the weary founders of David’s Refuge.  She became a compelling force that helped David’s Refuge become the great organization we are. Yes, I know I am very biased! 🙂

If you look up the word influence in the dictionary, you will find the following definition:  “to affect or change someone or something in an indirect but usually important way.”   It is an understatement to say that Rory has dramatically influenced David’s Refuge for the better.

I found another definition that beautifully captures Rory’s influence, “A power affecting a person, thing, or course of events.”  Rory Lawrence has become a power to be reckoned with!

Would you do me a favor and take one minute and share how Rory has influenced your life?  How has she breathed life into your weary soul?  How has she changed how you view yourself as a mom, a dad, and a couple?  How has she made you feel loved?  How has she inspired you? 

Thank you, Rory, for compelling all of us to become the best version of ourselves.  We applaud you, we thank you, and we love you.