What Brings You Joy?


Would you agree with me that joy is something that is not optional?  It is as essential to our well-being as the air we breathe.   The moment we wake up we begin a search for something that will spark joy in our lives. It may be checking our Facebook posts, working in our garden, meditating, praying, spending time with loved ones, watching our child make some milestone we never thought they would achieve, cooking a gourmet meal, seeking a deeper relationship with God, or pursuing a favorite hobby. I wonder if we ever take the time to pause and really think about the things that bring true and lasting joy.

So, let me ask you a question, “What brings you joy?”  

For some of us, it may be difficult to even think joy is possible.  If that is you would you take five minutes and think back on one or two of the things that used to bring you joy?  Write them down.  My challenge is to pick one of them and see if there is any possibility of engaging in that activity.  I would love to hear what you tried to do!

Here is my challenge to everyone else,  would you share with us what brings you joy? Let’s spread and spur on happiness by sharing our sources of joy with each other.  It just may as well encourage our friends who are struggling to feel any joy in their lives by reading your source of joy.

So I will start.  This is what brings me true joy:

I love watching my adult children loving and raising and caring for their children with passion and excellence.

What about you?