Who is the “Man Behind The Mission?”

A few weeks ago, my wife Brenda and I attended a Caregiver Summit which was sponsored by David’s Refuge. The summit provided us with an opportunity to meet families who have been served and loved by the mission of David’s Refuge. We also interacted with organizations that collaborate with us to ensure that the caregivers we serve are loved with excellence. During the summit, we watched our amazing staff serving and working hard to ensure that every detail of the event went off without a hitch. Brenda and I were filled with tears of joy as we thought about the impact that David’s Refuge was having on so many amazing families. It’s hard to believe that today marks fourteen years since we attended David’s memorial service, where we said goodbye to him until we see him again in heaven.

At the summit, we were asked to share the story of how and why we started David’s Refuge, and we shared our story with great joy. This gave us many opportunities to talk about David. David’s Refuge wouldn’t exist without him, which is why he is known as “The Man Behind The Mission.” We would love to write a book one day, sharing the remarkable journey of how we started David’s Refuge. However, we always ask ourselves whether someone would want to read it. I guess the only way to know is to write it and see.

In the meantime, here’s a video we shared at David’s Memorial service, featuring a montage of pictures of the now-famous “Man Behind the Mission.” I hope you enjoy it.