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Chris Sohn and Lynn White-Sohn

How long have you been connected with David’s Refuge?
6 years

Please explain any diagnosis your child has, and you have experience with.
Our child, Joshua, aged 22, has Down Syndrome

What is your favorite part of being a host?
One of our favorite parts of hosting is providing a space where couples can find understanding, support, and practical advice tailored to their unique needs. We also enjoy providing the chance for couples to just be themselves…. to discuss their children if they want to, or to just enjoy time away and talk about everything BUT life as a parent of a child with special needs.

What is something you want your guests to know about you?
We are fun and interesting people! We love to talk about our family and our children, but we also love travel, wine tasting, playing games/cards, reading, going for a drive, trying cool new restaurants, cooking, spending time with friends, and cheering for the Green Bay Packers!

What is a piece of advice you have found invaluable as a family with experience in special needs or a medically fragile diagnosis?
One invaluable piece of advice is to embrace flexibility and adaptiveness by building a support network and staying informed. Our support network has been critical to us and has also provided us with connections that have benefited Josh.

Which partner location is your favorite and why?
Hotel Canandaigua – we love the way they have embraced the mission of David’s Refuge and have pampered the couples that they welcome.