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Ned and Shelley Morgan

How long have you been connected with David’s Refuge?
6 yrs.

Please explain any diagnosis your child has, and you have experience with.
One son has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and a variety of subsequent learning disabilities. One son has Down Syndrome Autism Spectrum Disorder related behavioral diagnosis.

What is your favorite part of being a host?
We love to gather with other parents who “get it”!

What is something you want your guests to know about you?
We live on a fruit farm and primarily grow apples.

What is a piece of advice you have found invaluable as a family with experience in special needs or a medically fragile diagnosis?
A (borrowed) paraphrase of Ephesians 6: When you have done everything you can do – when you have prayed, when you have prepared, and when you have taken your stand – keep standing!

Which partner location is your favorite and why?
Tailwater Lodge

A genie grants you the ability to have infinite amount of one item. What is it?
(Shelley) Perennial plants that flower. (Ned) Chicken wings.

What book changed your life?
Too Small to Ignore by Dr. Wess Stafford

What is a question you wish people would ask you less?
What is for dinner?