Warren & Brenda Pfohl - Co-Founders of David's Refuge
Warren & Brenda Pfohl – Co-Founders of David’s Refuge


A simple desire to pay forward extravagant love. A knowledge that there is purpose to life beyond that which we see. In both his life and death, David inspired our founders to leave the caregiver community stronger than they found it.

The Pfohls sifted through the devastation of losing their child to uncover a calling – to ensure that parents in the most trying circumstances would hear the messages of faith, hope and love that sustained them.

Ensuring Tomorrow Is As Beautiful As Today Is

Why Legacy Giving?

All of us want to be remembered as good stewards of our resources. Shape the future through your choices today and become part of a legacy that will sustain long after we’re gone.

Gifts made as part of your will or estate give you an opportunity to invest in David’s Refuge in a more substantial way than may be possible during your lifetime.

Thank You For Your Trust

“As a founding board member of David’s Refuge, I have come to know and trust the level of excellence this organization lives out in every facet of their work. From providing a first class, unique service to local parents, to excellent financial stewardship and integrity, there was no question that David’s Refuge would be included in my estate planning.”

Donna Richards, Teacher of the Visually Impaired

Touch Tomorrow

Your legacy gift is a statement of purpose. It marks what has been most meaningful to you in this life by benefiting a future you will not see. As a legacy donor, your lasting commitment to empower caregivers to lead their families with strength and grace will shape our community for years to come. Thank you.

“We cannot overstate how important your mission is in our lives as caregivers of a special needs child. David’s Refuge has taught us how important self-care is. It makes us better parents together, sharing the burden and joys of our unique life.”

Bequest Language

I give, devise, and bequeath to David’s Refuge, Manlius, NY, TAX I.D. 45-3686680 $_______ to be used for its general purposes.


I give, devise, and bequeath to David’s Refuge, Manlius, NY, TAX I.D. 45-3686680 ________% of all the rest, residue and remainder of my estate to be used for general purposes.

Christine Corbett

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