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Our respite weekends empower couples and single parents to integrate self-care practices in order to develop stronger relationships, families and communities.

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Investing in the lives of caregivers allows parents to provide the best possible care for their children.


We’re here to help

Are you feeling anxious, lonely or disconnected? Do you feel like no one understands how hard this is for families with special needs? Would having someone just listen go a long way right now?

The David’s Refuge Hosts who join you on weekend respite are available to connect with you. Be bold and make a request today.

Caregivers, our team stands with you during this unprecedented time, always searching for new ways to remind you that you are not alone, what you do matters, and God and this community loves you.

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We are so proud to unveil our new resource page! Whether you are focusing on self care through gratitude, looking for inspiration or searching for COVID-19 resources, you will find them all here!

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Bill Rapp Superstore – SUBARU Share The Love

We are so grateful to be named the Bill Rapp SUBARU Share The Love Hometown Charity for the third consecutive year! From November 19th  – January 4th any customer who purchases a SUBARU can choose to have $100 donated to David’s Refuge. Over the past two years, this partnership and the amazing Bill Rapp customers have raised more than $63,000 to support local caregivers. Join me in thanking our friends at Bill Rapp Superstore – Better yet, stop in to thank them in person!

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Morgan was born with a minor birth defect that quickly turned into 17-day brain infection, and the result would change the lives of the Daly family forever.

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