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These companies have made it easy to support caregivers while shopping! If you’re looking for gifts, or for yourself, you can rest assured that a portion of the proceeds below will bring respite, love and support to caregivers!  Details vary.

Generous Brands – Coffee For Caregivers

We are so grateful to partner Generous Brands Coffee! Generous Roasting is a specialty small batch coffee company that creates employment and work experiences for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  We are so grateful for this partnership where 10% of the proceeds come right back to David’s Refuge

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Bill Rapp Superstore – SUBARU Share The Love

We are so grateful to be named the Bill Rapp SUBARU Share The Love Hometown Charity for the sixth consecutive year! From November 16th  – January 2rd any customer who purchases a SUBARU can choose to have $100 donated to David’s Refuge. Over the past four years, this partnership and the amazing Bill Rapp customers have raised $200,000 to support local caregivers. Join me in thanking our friends at Bill Rapp Superstore – Better yet, stop in to thank them in person!

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Embrace the Difference

This special jewelry line is not only beautiful, but it has a beautiful meaning behind it. The ultimate goal of Embrace the Difference® is to spread a message of kindness, acceptance and inclusion. But that’s not all – they give back to the types of charities and organizations that support those of us with “differences”.  The message they share is simple: BE KIND. We are all connected. Embrace our differences, and MAKE a difference.

$5 – $30 from each purchase can be directed towards David’s Refuge to care for caregivers!

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Partner with David’s Refuge

If your company is interested in partnering with David’s Refuge please contact Christine Corbett at