Liz Conklin - Director of Respite

Liz Conklin

Director of Respite

About Liz

Meet our Respite Manager, Liz Conklin. A woman of warmth and wit, Liz has the ability to make people comfortable within seconds of meeting them! A proud mom, Liz is always listening attentively with love and compassion, and she can bring comfort when needed or lighten any situation with ease. Her loving and kind presence doesn’t negate the calm strength and grit within. As a disabled vet, Liz isn’t afraid of a challenge and is creative and thoughtful in her approach to find solutions. While she’s the newest member of our team, it feels like Liz has been our friend for years, moving this mission forward from the start!

Get to know more about Liz

Why did you choose to work at David's Refuge?

I really enjoy and feel fulfilled by helping others. I can't imagine a better place to do that than with David's Refuge, alongside the amazing team I get to work with.

What is your spirit animal?

Wolf. Because they howl. Need I say more?

Where would your dream vacation be?

Hawaii. It has beaches but also volcanoes. My two favorites.

What's on your playlist right now?

Oldies but Goodies. Smokey Robinson - You really got a hold on me, Otis Redding, Barbara Lynn...

Who inspires you?

People. God made us all imperfect and we all go through trying times, but seeing the resilience, fight in people, and watching the growth, inspires me.